Research Projects

Development of technology to increase plant efficiency through equalization of internal flow in environmental facilities of Resource circulation type power plant
- Research Institution: Western Power
- Research Period: 2021.06 ~ 2023.06 (Role: PI)
Investigation of the 3D transient flow structure in the human respiratory system using phase-locked magnetic resonance velocimetry (MRV)
- Research Institution: SNU College of Engineering and College of Medicine
- Research Period: 2020.04 ~ 2022.03 (Role : PI)
Analysis of droplet-particle adsorption mechanism according to the shape change of atmospheric water droplet
- Research Institution: National Research Foundation (NRF)
- Research Period: 2019.06 ~ 2024.06 (Role : PI)
Development of gas turbine flow control techniques for enhanced aerodynamic performance
- Research Institution: Agency for Defense Development (ADD)
- Research Period: 2022.04 ~ 2025.03 (Role : JP)
Development of gas turbine blade life cycle assessment technique
- Research Institution: Midland Power
- Research Period: 2021.11 ~ 2023.11 (Role : JP)